All along the many years of our activity as restorers and guitar experts,
we were asked the same recurring question: can antique guitars be played?
Our answer is categorical: YES! With no problems (read more).

Guitar made in Lacote's workshop, Paris 1840, for Bernardel.
Guitar made by Huel, Rennes (France),1834.
Baroque guitar by Didier Nicolas Aîné, Mirecourt c. 1790.
Spanish guitar made by Salvador Ibanez, Valence c.1900.
Spanish guitar made by Casa Gonzalez, Barcelone c.1930.
Spanish guitar made Jose Serratosa, Barcelone c.1910.
Anonymous child guitar, Mirecourt (France), circa 1840.
Lyra-guitar made by Henry Lejeune, Paris 1806.
Baroque guitar by J.L. Mast, Mirecourt c. 1790.
Guitar made by I. H. Schroder, Saint-Petersbourg 1811.
Spanish guitar made by Manuel Ramirez, Madrid c.1900.
Guitar made by Joseph Maitrot, Mirecourt (France), circa 1830.
«Terz guitar » made by Guiot, n°33, Panormo model, London 1846.
Guitar made by Jerome Thibouville Lamy, Mirecourt (France), circa 1860.
« Spanish guitar », Preston and Longmann & Broderip style, made in London c.1800
Guitar made by Petitjean, Mirecourt (France), circa 1825
Early romantic guitar, Mirecourt c.1800, attribued to J. Mast
Guitar made in Paris c. 1800
Guitar by Pracht, Lyon 1776
Guitar 8 strings by Collin, Paris c.1795, modified by Collin in 1811
Guitar by Jérome-Thibouville-Lamy, Mirecourt c.1860
Guitar made in Mirecourt c. 1840, modified (head, bridge)
to play 7th strings around 1860, sold by Metzler in London
Guitar made by Gaetano Vinaccia, Napoli c.1840